Food supplements

Why use food supplements?

Our denatured food, depleted of vitamins and enriched with pesticides of all kinds, even if we would be very careful to feed ourselves "cleanly", force us today to complement us almost systematically. In addition, nervous fatigue, anemia, physical or psychological pain are the direct consequence of stress experienced throughout our daily private or professional life; the atmosphere of competition, search for performance in the spirit "always more" undermine our already poor reserves and "superman and superwoman" are exhausted! Our therapeutic work, whether it is on the part of the patient or of the practitioner, will be limited in duration because the body is sorely lacking in certain vital elements. To prolong the effect of the session and even recover vitality, we offer simple and highly dosed food supplements, directly assimilated by the body and containing the least possible excipients. Most of the powders are diluted in water.