The exact address of the new cabinet is: N ° 1 B Allée Marie Paradis (may still not be listed on a GPS) apartment B03. Its access for the moment will be done by the 76 Paths of North Fins rise B (the access to the rise B is done under a porch on the right of the descent of the underground carpark of the building). Parking spaces are available on the cob along the Rugby Stadium. Bus lines 3 and 9 (avenue de Genève) and 2 and 8 (boulevard du fier) have close stops. The Espace Or & Lys is located near the nearby Carrefour Shopping Center and the Arcadium Concert Hall. Building B of the Nouvel Horizon program is just backed by the offices of Crédit Mutuel Avenue de Genève and on the same street as the entrance to the Annecy Pool Skating Complex and the entrance to the Rugby pitch.

Or & Lys

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